Best Practices for Successful Data Management

Accurate, relevant, and actionable data plays a crucial role in the growth of a business; if not meticulously managed, data assets can be an obstacle to growth.
Therefore, effective data management is a vital tool in enhancing data processes, improving the value of your data assets, and ensuring authenticity and quality.
At Flare Solutions, we can support your business with all aspects of data management. Read More…

How You Can Maintain A Good Information Management Process

Good information management benefits your business in several areas, improving communications, streamlining operational processes, and guiding decision-making and planning. Today’s technologically advanced business environments mean that data sources are more numerous and diverse than ever before, so clear assessments of information quality and relevance are vital. Search strategies and retention policies are similarly needed to […]

Why AI Needs Clean Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software is increasingly being used in business to process and interpret data and to take on some of the responsibilities previously thought possible only by human employees. However, modern businesses encounter a vast quantity of data and not all of it is in fit shape to get the best out of AI […]

Understanding what information you have in your organisation

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what data and information your company has available, where it’s located, its accessibility, quality and provenance. This often leads to end user frustration and more pressure on data and information management teams to find data. Flare have the tools and experience to classify, categorise and deduplicate your information…

Lessons Learned powered by Intelligent Search

NASA define a Lesson Learned as “knowledge or understanding gained by experience”. It doesn’t matter if the experience is positive or negative, whether it was captured as part of a project or gained during business-as-usual process―the intent of a Lesson Learned is to provide a guiding hand to future business activities.

But in order to do that, you have to be able to find it…

SPDM mid-year 2022 conference

SPDM 2022
UK Online – 21st to 23rd June, 2022


‘The evolution of Data Governance in the new energy world’

This conference is fully online and available to society members for free.

Flare’s Lee Hatfield will be presenting @ 11:30 UK time on Thursday 23rd June 2022.
Gaining Value and Insight from Unstructured Data.  

Flare’s Autotag makes document tagging easy

You know you need to tag your documents so someone can find them in the future but would you like some help doing it?

Flare’s Autotag solution automatically does the clever stuff to tag documents with the correct descriptive taxonomic terms, such as document types, well names, field names or disciplines (and others). Tags are selected by interrogating file names, file paths and/or document content, ensuring that each document is stored with the appropriate metadata and enabling better search and retrieval results…

3 Benefits of Automatic Data Organising

Almost all businesses are rich in data but, the larger the organisation, the more complex the information web can become. Data plays a crucial role in business development, as it allows leaders to make informed decisions based on tangible evidence, such as statistics and trends, rather than intuition or guesswork. But, when you are swamped by data, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and locate the right information you need, when you need it most.

How Can Your AI Project Be More Successful After Data Cleaning?

The benefits of Machine Learning are extensive and promise to transform the way that businesses operate, with significant cost savings, enhanced productivity, and better efficiency likely once an AI project has been implemented. However, the effectiveness of ML depends heavily on the quality of the data, so why is data cleaning fundamental to successful AI data processing?

Bringing past opportunities back to life

Like all industries, the energy sector is subject to market forces. Changes in the underlying price of oil or gas, advances in technology opening up previously difficult-to-produce hydrocarbon deposits or just a simple drop in consumer demand as the world strives towards carbon neutrality can leave many years’ worth of work relegated to the corporate archives…

Intelligent Document Processing – How AI is changing the way you handle your content

For a long time, knowledge workers have had to manually capture useful information contained in documents by transcribing it to corporate repositories.
If the reports are hardcopy, they may also have to use digitisation services to apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and produce searchable PDF-type digital files before the information is manually captured…

Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Enterprise Search Software

When business information is poorly organised or cluttered, it can be virtually impossible to find and access the data required to make informed business decisions. Data can be spread across multiple sources – files, servers, databases, emails, and even redundant legacy systems – making quick retrieval challenging and unnecessarily time-consuming. If data has large volumes of supporting documentation attached or is highly technical in nature, the problem is even greater…

Four Benefits of Enterprise Search Software

Enterprise search software harnesses cutting-edge technology to locate information from within an enterprise system, including document management systems, intranets, emails, and file storage networks. Enterprise search offers several key benefits.

Three Ways Enterprise Search Software Can Save Your Company Time

Time savings are one of the most important benefits of enterprise search software. Poor time management and protracted administrative tasks are significant obstacles to business productivity, driving down employee efficiency and harming financial growth. Consequently, time savings are a key factor in the surging popularity of the global enterprise search market, which is expected to reach $8.9bn (US) in value globally by 2024.

So, how can enterprise search software save time in your energy business?

What Is Intelligent Search Technology? The Latest Enterprise Search Software In The Market

Data plays a key role in modern business, but its accumulation can result in vast silos of information that are difficult to trawl through for employees and customers alike. Cutting-edge information management technology, in the form of intelligent search software, eliminates confused and cluttered data silos, enabling end-users to quickly and easily find the information they need….

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