Process and deliverables tracking made simple

Tracker enables business and technical processes to be clearly defined and made visible. It facilitates effective process tracking while simplifying the capture and discovery of related information and knowledge.

New or existing processes can be quickly implemented in Tracker and verified for accuracy and completeness. Individuals can query Tracker to determine which process steps they are responsible for performing or overseeing and how these activities should be conducted. They can also see who is responsible for other steps in the process, whether these have been completed on time and with what result.

Working in conjunction with the Catalog, Tracker can point people to existing information items that will be needed for a process step such as data, documents, templates or procedures. Once an individual has completed a step, Tracker provides a simple and consistent mechanism for them to publish deliverables so that these are available for other people involved in the process and can also be easily located in future.

While a project is under way, this web-based system allows geographically dispersed teams to capture key project deliverables, decisions and technical or project reviews. This builds up a full ‘story’ of the project – what was delivered, what decisions were made and why. On project completion and handover Tracker ensures that all the project information is properly finalised. New teams can quickly assimilate what has been done historically, resulting in rapid start-up of the next project or project stage.

Key Features

  • More effective management of corporate compliance and regulatory obligations
  • Improved cross-team, departmental and geographical sharing of information, better exploiting the intellectual capital of the organisation
  • Improved accountability by making processes, responsibilities and deadlines visible
  • Increased performance by capturing lessons learned and sharing best-practices
  • Enhanced compliance by preserving workflow history (who did what, when, how, and what were their comments) that can subsequently be used as an audit-trail
  • Progress visibility enables effective management control and efficient user collaboration
  • Easier collaboration across geographically dispersed teams including internal staff, partners and suppliers facilitates better virtual team-working
  • Accessible business metrics facilitate future planning and resource allocation


  • Process Visibility – with selectable views showing the full or partial process structure together with associated information and completion status.
  • Alert management – including user-defined notification, automatic alerts upon deadline violations and automatic e-mail generation
  • Management Reporting – with graphical and text-based summary reports provide progress overviews of single or multiple projects
  • Information Access and Publishing – of key input information, procedures and templates. Documents are directly accessible from the process step and key outputs can be published directly from the process view
  • Compliance Tracking – shows where in a process a document has been created, what guidelines/standards were used, what decisions were made and what reviews were conducted to ensure compliance. A completed Tracker project becomes an effective audit trail.
  • Security – allows only authorised users to publish from a process step – others can have read-only access. All steps show who is responsible


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