Manage your regulatory reporting with ease

Flare MiNDR Regulatory Reporting

Flare MiNDR provides a search, tagging and compliance workflow that allows Operators to streamline the way in which they find information items and assign C-Tags that must be submitted to the UK National Data Repository (NDR) to meet regulatory requirements.

The tool has three essential elements: Search, Tagging, and Compliance Monitoring.

Search Logo

Search: a search interface that can span your data landscape, enabling users to undertake single searches across multiple file shares, SharePoint sites, physical data listings and a host of other applications. Searches are all free text based, for example, searches can be based on well names, specific classification tags (C-Tags), other terms or combinations.

Tagging Logo

Tagging: data items and reports that have been located via the search may be added to a ‘basket’ where C-Tags are automatically suggested. The suggested tags are based on metadata such as file names and file paths, plus scraped content from within the files themselves. Once C-tags are suggested, the user has the option to accept or decline them before submitting the data to the NDR

Compliance Monitoring Logo

Compliance Monitoring: compliance can be measured at the well, field and company level and provides greater understanding of completeness, missing data types and gaps in C-Tag coverage.

Flare MiNDR benefits the operator by:

  • Compliance monitoring, by field and well, on interactive dashboards
  • Searching of multiple stores with Intelligent Search 
  • Tagging of new content with ease
  • Retagging reported content with correct tags
  • Simplifying the submission process to the NDR
  • Automatically tracking current state of content submitted to NDR


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