Looking to improve your North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) data compliance score?

We can help.

If you’re struggling with requests for data from the NSTA or from external parties…

Our MiNDR tool is for you.

Flare’s MiNDR tool simplifies NSTA compliance; streamlining the process of information discovery –
By adding C-Tags and uploading information to the NDR.
Advanced modules within MiNDR are designed to help with well abandonment and well intervention data.
Leveraging deep knowledge of the NDR and the information types you deal with.

Not only does MiNDR make searching your entire data landscape easy, but we can also provide the support to tag the content and upload it to the NSTA on your behalf.

More and more operators are coming to Flare to improve their NSTA well data compliance score for good reason.

If you’re scratching your head and need help, Flare’s MiNDR could be the solution.

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