Decommissioning programmes are often large, costly and time-intensive. Key project deliverables include cost control, the achievement of stakeholder expectations and meeting regulatory obligations. One of the key challenges faced is obtaining quality-assured information and data to aid each decision made.

Flare’s approach ensures that your decommissioning programmes are managed using the correct information, and that all key deliverables are tracked and reported. Our applications, workflows and templates will help with:

  • Easy deployment and tracking of programme compliance to meet government or authority regulations and obligations.
  • Quick and easy access to relevant data, documents, plans and diagrams through integrated search and retrieval, enhanced by Flare’s Taxonomies.
  • Secure capture of key decisions and key deliverables.
  • Reduced risk of missed deadlines.
  • Clear communication of processes, roles and responsibilities.

This approach reduces the costs and overheads associated with traditional tracking and management of your decommissioning information and obligations.

Decommissioning guidelines