Enhanced knowledge retention and learning

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Lessons form an integral part of any organisation’s ability to effectively learn from past experiences, both internal and external to the organisation. However lessons are not ‘learned’ until action has been taken. It is therefore important to have a robust approach for capturing and disseminating lessons so that improvements can be made. Flare’s Lessons module is designed to capture lessons and learning from past experiences and includes action tracking, approvals and lessons implementation.

Key Features

  • Centralised location where all lessons data is stored. Enables the capture of lessons at both a corporate (enterprise) level and project level
  • Flexible review and approval process depending on the origin of the lesson (whether within a project environment or at corporate level)
  • Identify and manage communication with individuals involved in the review and approval process including configuring notification workflows
  • Record implementation of the lesson and its subsequent close-out including assigning lesson owners
  • Lesson categorisation using metadata that is organisation specific, such as business segments, departments, project stages, etc.
  • Lesson search and retrieval
  • Impact assessment assignment for each lesson based on an organisation’s defined impact criteria
  • Tree map to visualise categories of lessons
  • Flexible deployment options within an organisation’s existing software architecture (e.g. SharePoint) or as a standalone system


  • Expands the corporate knowledge base – and improves decision making by incorporating past experience
  • Reduces risk and business impact – by avoiding sub-optimal approaches on future projects
  • Improves project delivery – cost and schedule by adopting proven approaches
  • Improves organisational efficiency – by propagating best practices, internal standards, guidelines and processes from lessons data


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