Why You Should Automate Your Document Tagging Process

automate your business document tagging process

Metadata tags are used in digital asset management to make it quicker and easier for employees, business partners, or customers to find meaningful content. 

While manually tagging every file, report, and data item is possible, modern approaches to tagging use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tag content with metadata, assigning each with a valid keyword or phrase that enables content to be identified and organised appropriately.

In this article, we will consider the reasons why you should consider automated document tagging.

The Challenges Of Manual Document Tagging

Businesses with large media silos face many challenges when tagging their digital content. Theoretically, the process could be completed manually by bringing on board staff to tag each file individually; however, this could take months or years if the repository is large, would expose the tagging process to human error, and would undoubtedly cost a significant amount of money.

AI automated document tagging can ensure the process is completed quickly and accurately, and helps businesses to overcome the common challenges of manual tagging, including:

  • A poor metadata tagging strategy can lead to inconsistencies in the approach when tagging is completed by different people.
  • Digital content is accidentally missed, meaning crucial files remain untagged.
  • A lack of in-house expertise means the process is laborious, expensive, and lacks direction.
  • Incorrect tagging can result in key files being lost in the archive and missed in users’ searches.

How Automatic Document Tagging Could Benefit Your Business

Document tagging software, driven by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, offers significant benefits when tagging your business’s digital content.

Automated Document Tagging:

  • Can tag all types of documents, including files, reports, images, videos, and audio files.
  • Is faster, less reliant on human intervention, and more cost-effective compared to standard manual tagging.
  • Can tag at a vastly higher volume than a human could manage, so you can direct your team to focus on more value-driven tasks instead of committing long hours to tedious tagging.
  • Is scalable, so all future content can be instantly tagged without a team member having to remember to carry out the task.
  • Works in real-time so is equally suited to tagging a historic repository of digital content or new files as they arrive.
  • Enables AI discovery of information assets, improving searches, and delivering more relevant content for end-users.

Improve Your Document Tagging With Flare Solutions

To find out more about our document tagging solutions and how they could benefit your business, please download our free guide, or call our expert team on 02033977766. Click to request a demo or find out more.

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