digital exploration manager

Establishing an Exploration Project Interpretation Environment?

As every technical assistant knows, one of the first requests that an exploration manager will make when starting up a new project is to establish the digital interpretation environment.  This inevitably means trawling the company’s operational and legacy repositories to find whatever structured or unstructured information the company may own over the proposed AOI.

Often, it is building the unstructured dataset that will produce the greatest challenge. In a bid to find all salient reports and archived projects, support staff typically find themselves tackling everything from snapshots of poorly managed legacy shared-drives to multi-format library indexes of decades-old hardcopy stores.

With Flare technology, this process can be dramatically streamlined.

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Regulatory Reporting

Do you need to manage regulatory reporting?

Do you need to manage regulatory reporting?

Organisations often have to manage hundreds of daily, weekly, monthly or annual regulatory or partner reports across many business areas.

Flare has combined their document classification and process tracking systems to create a cross-organisational system that:

Facilitates the capture and classification/tagging of key ‘regular’ reports
Assigns reporting responsibilities and manages access control
Provides reminders of upcoming or missed reporting deadlines
Creates management metrics to drive reporting performance improvement
Routes documents to appropriate stores based on business rules

And links to all of the reports are added to Flare’s Sirus Enterprise information system, so they are easy to find.


Information Management Clean Up Services

With over twenty years of continuous development, Flare’s Sirus information management suite now forms the foundation of our IM clean-up services.

We’ve combined industry best-practice in the capture and quality improvement of very large datasets with the speed and scalability of Graph technology, AI-driven metadata enrichment, and the most comprehensive Energy taxonomy available on today’s market.

The end result: whether your information is stored on hard media, live shared-drives or document management systems, we can gather, merge, and process it faster, and with greater accuracy, than ever before.


Information Management Governance

The Importance of Information Management Governance

Organisations have long pushed Information Governance as a focus of their activities. Its key elements of Sponsorship, Standards, People & Organisation, Controls, Technology and Processes provide a framework for all other related data and information management activities.

However, we still find that some companies don’t embrace IM Governance and as such they sometimes lack a coordinated and sustainable approach to IM. Flare has designed a number of governance frameworks for our clients and we’ve collated our methodology into a short paper.

Power of Sirus and Office 365

Flare puts the power of Sirus into Office 365

Flare’s new assistant Ava is now available in O365 applications to help users with suggestions for tags, standard names or values from business glossaries and dictionaties.

So, if you’ve ever struggled to remember the official company name, project, reference code or just want to know what tags to add to a document to make it easier to find Ava can help. 

Ava sits right alongside Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can also help in SharePoint.


Digital clean up

Do you wish you had sparkling clean information and data?

The phrase “rubbish in – rubbish out” has never been so relevant. 

It is not surprising that you struggle to find the information you need if it has not been stored with meaningful, consistent tags.

And now, as we try to get machines to do automatic tagging using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, it is critical that we train these new applications well with clean input content or they will tag badly too.

Flare has a range of tools to help; to help you make sense of your input information, even on a messy shared drive, to help you give it consistent tags, to help you find it again.  And to keep it polished if things change.


Is your IT/IM architecture too expensive?

Is your IT/IM architecture too expensive?

One client had over 300,000,000 documents indexed on one server

That’s not a typo.  We’ve been working with a client in the midst of M&A activity, who had to deal with a massive influx of content.

Using Flare’s tools allowed us to index the entire dataset on one server.

If you’d like to save money on infrastructure, contact us to find out more.

combine search results of SharePoint, file stores and regulatory process

Would you like to combine search results of SharePoint, file stores and regulatory processes?

Flare’s Folio provides a project view over multiple applications and multiple repositories.  It enhances network drives and SharePoint stores, delivering hierarchical views, document counts and rapid search capabilities in one view.  It is also possible to integrate regulatory process views and track the information as it is delivered.