Flare is pioneering Intelligent Search for business.

Delivering effective enterprise search functionality is an interesting challenge. Users expect Google-like capabilities but with deep, industry-specific understanding.  This can be hard to achieve with out-of-the-box search capabilities of generic tools.

By combining semantically rich industry taxonomies with the very latest in AI powered search technology, Flare have addressed this challenge by providing intuitive search solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

With over twenty years in development, our Intelligent Search solution operates through Sirus, a layered Insight Engine:



Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search: 



Information Sources: 

Among the many benefits of delivering a well-deployed Intelligent Search solution are:

  • Everybody using their familiar terminology to search – the system understands
  • Empowering your experts by providing them with the information they need
  • Reducing search time drastically improves productivity
  • Properly identified and described data facilitates AI initiatives
  • A common index breaking down barriers (‘joining the dots’) to previously siloed information, systems, functions and departments

Flare’s Sirus Insight Engine delivers Intelligent Search to business by integrating Artificial Intelligence with conventional enterprise search capabilities. It is based on over two decades of experience in delivering search solutions to the energy industry.  Sirus produces great search results by knowing about the information and the business you work in, making it easy to:

  • Access Intelligent Search via multiple touchpoints
  • Use an AI/ML-powered search interpreter to obtain fast, ranked search results that are accurate, complete and precise
  • Find information whatever your point of view, discipline or process
  • Use knowledge bases and taxonomies to understand technical language
  • Leverage an AI/ML-powered content interpreter to tag, classify and sort information
  • Integrate multiple sources of information

If you want to use Intelligent Search in your business, Sirus can deliver the entire experience or components of Sirus can augment and enhance your existing initiatives.

Flare Solutions ― pioneering Intelligent Search for the energy industry.