Document Scanning Services

The Flare Sirus platform provides the solution.

As the global digital transformation gathers pace and companies move further away from physical information archives, the need for the speedy and accurate scanning of legacy documentation is fast becoming a key factor for success within the Energy Industry.

It is well known that document scanning initiatives often succeed or fail on the performance of their Optical Character Recognition software (OCR), where images of printed or handwritten text are automatically transcribed into digital text. However, an equally important aspect of any scanning project is the contextual capture of the newly digitized data, documents and reports.

Issues typically arise as physically archived documents are rarely stored with descriptive metadata, other than their indexed titles, and this must be manually assigned once the scanning stage is complete, thereby creating a significant bottleneck to project delivery.

The Flare Sirus platform provides the solution.

Our advanced document recognition algorithms and AI-based autotagging functionality enables large volumes of newly scanned physical information to be accurately identified, described and stored, ensuring that the information can make its way to the end user as quickly as possible.

Further to this, our Catalog and Folio applications can provide rapid access to the scanned information via their intuitive user interfaces and intelligent search functionality.

With over two decades of IM knowhow, plus a team of industry-trained consultants available to support your business.

If you have a legacy physical dataset that you would like to bring into the digital world, book a meeting and we will help you to achieve that goal.

Flare can provide the following services during your scanning initiative:

  • Business case development and project management
  • Third party service provider management
  • AI, ML and Data Analytics software integration
  • Cloud-based storage advisory services
  • Tabular data extraction and capture
  • Change management and post-deployment support


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