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As businesses adapt to a rapidly changing world, the ability to quickly access vital information has become a game-changer.

But do you really know where everything is?

With Flare’s Taxonomies, you can be sure that all of your data is described perfectly, meaning that it can be found whenever you need it, and wherever it’s stored.

Taxonomy. It’s the science of classifying things and relating them to one another.

Think about classifying our squirrel;

It’s an animal,
it’s a mammal,
it’s a rodent,
it’s a squirrel,
it’s a red squirrel.

Flare’s technologies apply an advanced set of taxonomies to information.

Creating a knowledge base out of the information you use in your business.
The taxonomies provide structures and relationships that ensure people can find things;
no matter what they are called
or where they are kept

When you search using Flare’s Intelligent Search solution,

the Taxonomies ensure you get answers to the questions you ask;
by finding the information you’re looking for;
even when you’re not sure how or where to look.

Wherever a situation relies on finding prompt, accurate and comprehensive information to drive business decision-making,
use the power of Flare’s Taxonomies to put Intelligence into your Search.

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