Effectively record and track transmittals

Flare Transmittals

Flare’s Transmittal module has been developed to track the transmittal of information to and from an organisation:

The system includes full audit tracking and provides the following functions:

  • Reception of a Delivery – Transmittal In
  • Transmittal generation
  • Transmittal dispatch
  • Transmittal Tracking
  • Transmittal special function
  • Administrative Tool Service
  • Reporting / Business Analysis
  • Workflow – Alert Service system

Key Features

  • Transmittal Out – creates a listing of outgoing items and generates the transmittal docket
  • Transmittal In – loads a listing from incoming transmittals and logs them in the system to enable a complete view of records movement.
  • Transmittal life-cycle – manages the full transmittal life-cycle from generating a listing, compiling and sending information, through to tracking certificates of receipt.
  • Compliance – capability allows transmittal requirements for processes to be predefined ensuring that reports are sent to the relevant parties upon completion, e.g. government and partner reporting.
  • Approval management – allows transmittals to be collated and an approval process initiated if required.
  • Alert management – facilities including user-defined notification, automatic alerts upon deadline violations and automatic e-mail generation.
  • Management Reporting – including graphical and text-based summary reports provide progress overviews of single or multiple transmittal events.
  • Security – allows only authorised users to create and view transmittals – others users can be granted read-only access.


  • All transmittals are auditable – proof of what was delivered to, or received from, who and when
  • Manage time-critical deliverables with alerts


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