Mergers and Acquisitions

Ensuring that the M&A process is supported by a comprehensive information management solution is a key factor for success.  Flare can provide the people, practices and technology to support you throughout this challenge - from strategy design and project execution to post-implementation support and evergreening.

The assimilation of an enterprise-level dataset into the working environment of a large E&P company may involve a multi-petabyte migration of data and information, together with the integration of varied geotechnical applications suites and legacy digital archives.

With over twenty years’ experience in providing IM consultation to the E&P sector, and supported by a suite of industry-leading applications, Flare is uniquely positioned to provide the vision, technical support, and ‘hand’s on’ delivery for the migration of extremely large and complex datasets.

Our Merger and Acquisition support services include:

  • Strategy design
  • Project planning, management and execution
  • Dataset trawling, assessment and prioritisation
  • Data migration, integration and visualisation
  • Metadata augmentation and quality improvement
  • Geotechnical and business application dataset ETL and integration
  • Change management and post-deployment support

Flare will ensure that each stage of your M&A information management solution, from inception to close-out, will be supported by our award-winning modular application suite -- itself powered by the industry’s most comprehensive oil and gas taxonomies. Our solutions include enterprise-level single-search functionality, ML based intelligent metadata tagging, innovative cross-system visualisation and reporting tools,  and project/process management software.