Do you wish you could find your hardcopy data?

Do you wish you could find your hardcopy data?

If you have spent more than a few years working in the oil and energy sector, you will know that with each cyclical dip in the price of oil comes a spate of corporate acquisitions, mergers and takeovers.

Combine this with the scores of license rounds and farm-in opportunities in which your company may have participated over the decades, and its little wonder that your legacy data stores can become difficult to navigate.

This is particularly true for hardcopy data. Almost all majors and supermajors have reams of paper wellfiles, seismic sections and basemaps that they have acquired over the years, often accessible only as library listings.

Flare Solutions specialize in the surfacing of lost data. Supported by the very latest in cognitive search technology, our career data managers are on hand to find, organize, spatialize and digitize your legacy well and seismic data, no matter how big the challenge.

If you would like to know exactly what data your company has access to, give us a call.