Information Clean-Up Services

Flare’s approach to the interrogation, conditioning and quality improvement of large digital information repositories.

As every DM/IM professional knows, legacy digital information stores are often replete with years of poorly maintained naming conventions, large-scale duplication, mixed structured and unstructured datasets, and underpopulated metadata storage systems. As these legacy repositories typically form part of live project environments, any effort to rationalise or condition them must be undertaken with caution.

Flare’s approach to the clean-up and quality improvement of your unstructured repositories is supported at every stage by our suite of E&P information management tools and best-in-class modular applications.

Whether it’s an enterprise-level system upgrade or a team-drive clean-up project, our consultants are available to talk through your information management challenges with you.

Our Information Clean-up services include:

  • Full project scoping, delivery and evergreening
  • Multiple repository indexing and appraisal — often involving petabytes of data
  • Migration and rationalisation to a centralised repository
  • Conditioning of the merged dataset, including prioritisation, deduplication, and the application of naming conventions.
  • Quality improvement of metadata via intelligent auto-tagging supported by manual QC
  • Implementation of management and reporting systems


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