intelligent search delivering results

intelligent search delivering results

Is your business search function effective at delivering relevant and timely results from your data? An intelligent search solution can maximise the value of your data assets making them easily available, no matter where or how they are stored. On the other hand, an inefficient search system may prevent you from accessing the business information you need to do your job. 

At Flare Solutions, we offer tailored search benchmarking for businesses interested in improving their data accessibility, prior to implementing an AI-enabled intelligent search system. Read on to find out more about how this benchmarking process works.

Test Searches

One of the best ways of determining the effectiveness of searches is to test them. It is often the case that even the best designed AI search algorithms miss a few key ingredients, and it can require an objective yet holistic tester to identify any gaps in your search functionality. Test searches can also flag up any weaknesses in the searchability of your data, and test for the correct levels of flexibility. For data scientists and end-users alike, submitting the project to searching tests can save time and costs. 

Checking Results

The accuracy of results is central to AI performance. AI design can be hampered by unconscious bias, which can have a major influence on the relevance of the data produced by searches. However, checking accuracy in search results can be a challenge, especially if there is no comparative AI. Consequently, it often takes a third party to put the design through its paces and provide meticulous results checking. By choosing to benchmark AI data accessibility, analysists and their clients can be confident in the level of accuracy and relevancy for each search. 

Identifying Areas For Improvement

Even the most carefully designed search programme will have some limitations. As such, running the search results through benchmarking can identify any areas of underperformance, and will provide a roadmap to enhancing AI technology. For data scientists and organisations alike, this fine-tuning can optimise the AI for greater results. 

Know What You’re Missing

One of the main reasons that AI auditing is requested is to find the gaps in the programming that may impede search performance. AI is an excellent search technology because it has the potential to draw connections between seemingly unrelated data points and deliver valuable search results that aren’t possible with other automated data retrieval methods. However, in some cases there are serious ‘mind the gap’ moments in AI programming. Companies can find themselves needlessly investing in multiple AI applications just to bridge the gaps that they sense are there, but which they can’t see clearly. AI auditing is a cost-effective and efficient way to achieve a more coherent result from your investment, resulting in higher functioning and more streamlined software. 

Next Steps

At Flare Solutions, our comprehensive AI auditing services combine software and a human touch for a holistic and detailed examination of your search performance. To find out more, please call 02033977766 today.

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