Driving demand for Intelligent Search in the Business Domain

Driving demand for Intelligent Search in the Business Domain

The past few decades have seen an exponential growth in the volume of corporate information. With over 2.5 million terabytes of data being created daily, and 95% of businesses citing the management of unstructured information as a major challenge, there’s little wonder that the demand for intelligent search solutions is increasing.

But that’s not the whole story.

Riding on the back of this tidal wave of data is the Global Digital Transformation. As the world moves away from physical record keeping and manual processes to AI-powered digital technology, the way in which businesses operate is being quietly revolutionised.

Encapsulating everything from advanced collaboration tools to semi-autonomous robotics, the Digital Transformation is producing a fundamental change in the way we live and work — and a key component of this is intelligent search. As more and more previously compartmentalised business streams become digitally accessible, so the need for an intelligent search solution increases. Teams and departments that once operated in near-isolation now find themselves part of a continuous digital landscape, and businesses that were once rigidly structured are adopting more Agile management systems.

All of this results in the need to share more information using a common language — and that need is best served with intelligent search.

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