Trusted advisors that connect your
organisation to its information and process

Four Reasons Why Enterprise Search Software Is Key to Successful Mergers and Acquisitions

We work as part of your team to deliver an effective, sustainable information environment.

Whether you need to develop an IM strategy, design an enterprise information model, manage an information improvement initiative or use your existing technology more effectively, Flare provides experienced IM consultants with a knowledge and understanding of your business who can help.

Benefit from the same approach to managing information and be able to deploy this easily using Sirus.

Trusted advisors

Flare has earned a reputation for providing trusted Information Management advice to the energy industry. We have expertise across the E&P value chain that can help you to gain the maximum value from your projects and initiatives.

How Can A Taxonomy Help With Data And Information Management?

IM Framework

Flare’s IM Framework methodology has been evolving since 1998 based on our conviction that an organization’s performance is constrained by how effectively it can find and use its information to develop intellectual capital that addresses business goals. Our approach is innovative, but pragmatic and recognises the opportunities and constraints that are typical in the industry.


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