Flare’s software portfolio was developed based on our holistic vision for Information Management, guided by the IM framework and refined by industry knowledge and collaboration with clients.

The core principles ensure that information and data are easy to find and store, wherever they reside.

Sirus is the Information Management platform for the Energy industry, delivering intelligent search and analytics over multiple repositories.

The platform delivers:

  • One Search: rapid with good ranking, recall and precision
  • Intelligent metadata search across multiple stores
  • Ability to leverage internal and external industry knowledge
  • Automatic tagging and structures
  • Powerful visualisations and easy integration
  • Support for analytics and machine learning
  • The complete Information Management Platform

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Flare’s approach facilitates Intelligent Search over multiple repositories, in a single window.
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A persistent metadata catalog, provides a common language for information objects.
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Flare’s approach makes integrating multiple repositories simple.

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Easy to find:

At the heart of the system is data catalog, that provides a rapid search using common language and terms.

Easy to store:

Supplementing the data catalog are a suite of functions that leverage knowledge, via taxonomies and machine learning.

Flexible system architecture:

The suite is modular and can be deployed on various cloud environments.

Flexible IM architecture:

Designed with IM users in mind, easily handling enterprise information, records management, project information, and final products.

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