How can inheritance help you find information?

For over twenty years, Flare has been helping clients improve their search experience with a single search over multiple technical repositories.

One of the key concepts that helps support improved search is the ability for information to inherit context depending on where it is being stored, or where in a structure it has been placed.  This reduces the burden on users to add tags to enable future information discovery.

The Flare IM tools makes it possible to define inherited tags based on the source of the information, or inherit tags based on the file structure or process being run, e.g., a SharePoint site might drive confidentiality settings, the position in a file hierarchy might define the country the content is about or the user community that the content is relevant to.

Combine the idea of inheriting tags with a semantic search and taxonomies to really add power to your search.

Intelligent Information Management

Information Management Systems have changed a lot over the past few years. Flare’s Sirus brings state-of-the-art information management capabilities, and more, to your business. Combining powerful collaboration and productivity tools with advanced reporting, automatic metadata tagging and AI-powered Intelligent Search, Sirus ensures that your business will make the most of its information assets.

Keeping It Clean

If you work with digital information, you’ll know how quickly it can get out of hand. Files and folders become duplicated, documents are stored in multiple versions, naming conventions ignored, metadata is badly assigned or left out completely ― at Flare Solutions, we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s a company merger or a shared-drive review, […]

Information Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Data and information management is the lifeblood of the oil and gas industry. Modern energy companies very rarely own the hydrocarbons they produce. Instead they form partnerships with various national bodies and governmental organisations that manage the mineral rights within state territories. These partnerships, taking the form of production sharing agreements, joint ventures or simple […]

Why you need Flare Sirus in your business

Flare’s Sirus brings state-of-the-art technology to transform your information management landscape.
With over twenty years of continuous development. our comprehensive suite of tools is easy to administer, allowing you to focus on your core business operations whilst gaining deeper insights via powerful analytics, reporting, and robust metrics.
Experience the difference with Sirus, the platform that streamlines operations and empowers your business with a smarter, more efficient approach to content management.
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Regulatory Reporting Made Easy

Operational drilling produces huge amounts of information. At Flare, we understand that it can take a significant effort to find, tag and report all necessary information in order to maintain compliance and abide by UK regulations.
Flare MiNDR is designed specifically to help you in this task easing the burden of finding and tagging your operational information with the appropriate NDR-approved metadata, while monitoring your entire dataset to ensure you remain compliant over the longer term.

The Transformative Power of AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the way we work, from automation and process efficiency to data analysis and decision-making.
As businesses leverage AI, the quality of information used for training becomes crucial. Flare Solutions’ innovative Sirus Insight Engine ensures high-quality data for AI training, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and enhance product development.
With advanced algorithms and natural language processing, Sirus improves user search experiences and maximises the potential of AI. Trust Flare Solutions’ commitment to information quality and enjoy the full transformative power of AI in your business.
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Supercharge Your Collaboration with Intelligent Search

Harness the power of advanced search technologies to revolutionise your team’s collaboration.
With intelligent search, enjoy speedy search results, inclusive accessibility to all file formats, contextual clarity based on concepts, and in-context suggestions. Break down data silos and ignite cross-functional collaboration for innovative solutions.
If you would like to say goodbye to duplication of work and embrace a synchronised workflow, unlock the secret weapon of efficient collaboration with Flare Solutions’ Intelligent Search and contact us today.

Unleash the Power of Metadata: Revolutionize Your Business

In the era of data-driven decision-making, businesses must harness the full potential of their data assets to gain a competitive edge. That’s where metadata comes into play. Metadata holds the key to unlocking the true value of your data, empowering you to make informed decisions, ensure data quality and compliance, and streamline your business processes. With […]

The Efficacy of a Document Management System: A Deep Dive into Metadata Relevance

With Flare Solutions’ Sirus insight engine, you can reveal the true value of your Document Management System and the role metadata plays in streamlining operations and enhancing productivity. Our user-friendly platform offers advanced metadata tagging, robust security controls, seamless integration, version control, and powerful search and retrieval functionalities. Harness the importance of metadata for improved search accuracy, regulatory compliance, and preservation of context with Flare Solutions, and maximise the efficacy of your DMS. Contact us today to revolutionise your document management experience.

Powering Oil Industry Insights with Intelligent Search

Do you want to gain valuable insights from your unstructured data?
Flare’s advanced technology seamlessly integrates information silos, enabling faster, more informed decision-making and fostering insights, allowing you to tap into the full potential of your information assets. Drive innovation and growth in your business with our intelligent search solutions.
If you would like to embrace intelligent search and revolutionise your approach to information management today, read more…

Weighing the Options: On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based Information Management Systems with Flare Solutions

The digital transformation of business has sparked a crucial debate about where to store and manage an organization’s valuable data: on-premise or in the cloud? While each approach has its pros and cons, Flare Solutions is equipped to guide your business through this critical decision-making process. On-Premise Information Management On-premise solutions involve hosting your information management […]

Digital Transformation Podcast

Recently, @Glenn Mansfield (Director) was a guest on The Digital Transformation Podcast. He was interviewed by the talented @Kevin Craine. They had a great conversation about Intelligent Search. The discussion covered how organisations often struggle to find their information and use it effectively. Why? Because of information silos. They explored ways organisations can overcome this and find advantages atthe […]

Would you find it difficult to create your companys Taxonomy?

Taxonomies can add value to your information and will inevitably make things easier to find, retrieve and manage. However, creating your own taxonomy can be difficult, time consuming and may not always provide what your organisation needs.

When investigating the creation of your own taxonomy, you need to look at factors such as the build cost, maintenance costs, complexity, scalability, interoperability and the overall end result, the total cost of ownership and how it fits with your objectives.

Follow the link to download a free PDF with more information.

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