Streamline information sharing with metadata-driven document management

meta data document management

Key Benefits

  • Single view across multiple repositories in different locations.
  • Accurate search experience with better recall due to taxonomies (knowledge).
  • Cost savings in comparison to other solutions.

Project outline

Our client – the regional operator of a joint venture tasked with developing one of Asia’s largest oil fields – had accumulated a huge amount of information, both in-country and in their European HQ. Flare Solutions was asked to help with the management of this digital asset.

Flare’s Approach

Flare’s involvement began with the implementation and population of the client’s European EDMS, based on the Flare Sirus Information Management System. The bulk of the content consisted of technical files and documentation that were classified and tagged using Flare Taxonomies, together with their inbuilt hierarchies, relationships, aliases and synonyms. This provided a platform for Flare’s smart-search technology and multiple information-access dashboards.

As field development progressed, the client moved the project HQ in-county where Flare created a unified index covering three different document management systems, containing over two million items. The index spanned multiple disciplines and technical domains, including engineering, HSE, Finance and Contracts. Furthermore, warehouse listings (in the form of catalogued physical documents and samples) were integrated into the index.


  • Using the Flare system represented a large cost saving when compared to other commercial EDMS solutions and provided a far more accurate search experience
  • All staff had single-point access to a wide range of company information stored in disparate electronic and physical stores
  • The metadata-driven information displays allowed access to, and management of, a wide range of information


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