Flare Solutions provide Master Data Management tools

Flare Solutions provide Master Data Management tools

As part of Flare’s Taxonomies, our Master Data Management tools allow companies to easily manage their master valid values and make them accessible to both Flare’s Sirus suite and any other applications that may consume the data. The data model includes:

  • Asset elements (basins, fields, wells, surveys, licences, organisations and others),
  • Content elements (formats, languages, media, collections)
  • Records Management elements

Each master data element enjoys full metadata, hierarchy, relationship and alias support.  The end result is meaningful inheritance.  For example, selecting a well would automatically inherit its related field name, licence, basin name and country.

The master data tools can be customised to support new asset types, attributes and relationships.  They provide a highly performant way of sharing master data via the Flare application suite or the Flare API.

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