Should you buy or build your taxonomy


Taxonomies can add value to your information and will inevitably make things easier to find, retrieve and manage. However, creating your own taxonomy can be difficult, time consuming and may not always provide what your organisation needs.

When investigating the creation of your own taxonomy, you need to look at factors such as the build cost, maintenance costs, complexity, scalability, interoperability and the overall end result, the total cost of ownership and how it fits with your objectives.

What if taxonomies already existed to support your business? 

The table below shows some of the outcomes of buying vs. building taxonomies.

  Purchased Taxonomy Custom Created Taxonomy
Completeness Starts at a high level of completeness
Ongoing maintenance across multiple clients ensures currency
Long lead time to establish basic coverage
High levels of coverage may be unachievable
Cost of Ownership Higher initial cost
Lower life-time cost
Initial perceived cost may be low
Higher ongoing maintenance and development costs
Cost of internal/diverted resources
Value Low risk
High initial value
High risk
Low initial value
High value if successful

If you’d like to know more about the pro’s and con’s of creating your own taxonomy, feel free to get in touch, or follow the link below to download a free pdf.

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