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What is Intelligent Search?

What Is Intelligent Search?

In recent years, households across the country have started to introduce intelligent search enabled devices into their homes. Whether it’s an Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri, intelligent search devices are quickly becoming the new norm when it comes to finding information with minimal effort. With intelligent search enabled devices, we have access to all of the information that we need in one place.
Despite its popularity, many people are still unaware of what intelligent search is. This article will provide you with a definition, how the functionality works and what benefits it could have for your business.

Data Cleansing

What Is Automated Data Cleansing and Why Is It Important?

The business world is constantly evolving and this is easy to see when you compare now to ten years ago. There have been some massive changes over this period and the amount of data companies collect now is certainly one. Large datasets are the norm for a lot of organisations, and gaining strategic insights from them is important. To enable this to happen, many businesses will engage in data cleansing.

combine search results of SharePoint, file stores and regulatory process

Would you like to combine search results of SharePoint, file stores and regulatory processes?

Flare’s Folio provides a project view over multiple applications and multiple repositories.  It enhances network drives and SharePoint stores, delivering hierarchical views, document counts and rapid search capabilities in one view.  It is also possible to integrate regulatory process views and track the information as it is delivered.

Accessing Hidden Content

Is your content hidden away in silos?

If like many companies, your content is spread across multiple repositories, it can be a challenge to find something.  You may struggle with the correct words / standards, or you may have to conduct multiple searches in different systems to be sure you’ve got everything you need.  Conversely if you are an author, where should you put your magnum opus? #InformationManagement

Well Log Taxonomies

Well Log additions to the Flare Taxonomy

Since its inception over 18 years ago Flare’s Taxonomies have described a rich set of well-log tools or services and their characteristics as a set of well-log Product Types. These have been kept up to date as the service companies launch new products.

Recently an extensive (approx 60,000) curve dictionary has also been added to facilitate the automatic recognition and classification of well logs by Product Type.

Call us to discuss how you could benefit from Flare’s Taxonomies.

information management intelligent search

Improving your Information Management with Intelligent Search

There are many aspects to consider when improving your corporate information management systems. Traditional solutions would address the IM technical architecture, information governance, security, information quality standards, organisational capability and the incorporation of business processes, but very few would consider Search Technology as a key deliverable.

Document Scanning Services

Flare’s Document Scanning Services

One of the most common challenges faced when undertaking a scanning project is in cataloguing the newly digitised documentation. As the source material is typically physical, appropriate descriptive metadata must be selected and added manually when loading the final, scanned product.  

Flare’s Sirus platform can help with this task. Our AI-powered document classification software is capable of recognising and automatically tagging your information with minimal human intervention.

Make sure that your scanning initiative is a success by calling us today.

Five benefits of deploying an Intelligent Search solution

Five Benefits Of Deploying An Intelligent Search Solution

Intelligent Search represents the next generation of AI-powered knowledge management and information discovery technology, but what are the real benefits of deploying intelligent search solutions? With over two decades of providing information management services and software to the Energy Industry, Flare have chosen our top five picks for why an Intelligent Search solution would benefit your business.

UK National Data Repository relaunch: Are you ready?

UK National Data Repository relaunch: Are you ready?

On 1st July, 2021, the OGA’s new cloud-based NDR service was launched to regulatory users and will shortly be launched to public users. Regulatory users are finding a wealth of improvements in how reportable information is delivered, managed and accessed, together with new underlying technology which will improve both system performance and user experience.

Flare delivers Digital Transformation Strategy for OGUK

Flare delivers Digital Transformation Strategy for OGUK

Flare Solutions has delivered a new digital strategy to help OGUK drive forward its future digital and data capabilities.  

As the leading representative body for the UK oil and gas industry, OGUK is a data-rich organisation. With a strong focus on managing the security of information provided by its members, OGUK sees digital transformation as a key part of delivering industry-leading products to its membership in the future.

Improve search with automatic classification augmented by rich taxonomies

How can inheritance help you find information?

For over twenty years, Flare has been helping clients improve their search experience with a single search over multiple technical repositories.

One of the key concepts that helps support improved search is the ability for information to inherit context depending on where it is being stored, or where in a structure it has been placed.  This reduces the burden on users to add tags to enable future information discovery.

The Flare IM tools makes it possible to define inherited tags based on the source of the information, or inherit tags based on the file structure or process being run, e.g., a SharePoint site might drive confidentiality settings, the position in a file hierarchy might define the country the content is about or the user community that the content is relevant to.

Combine the idea of inheriting tags with a semantic search and taxonomies to really add power to your search.

Do you wish you could find your hardcopy data?

Do you wish you could find your hardcopy data?

If you have spent more than a few years working in the oil and energy sector, you will know that with each cyclical dip in the price of oil comes a spate of corporate acquisitions, mergers and takeovers.

Combine this with the scores of license rounds and farm-in opportunities in which your company may have participated over the decades, and its little wonder that your legacy data stores can become difficult to navigate.

This is particularly true for hardcopy data. Almost all majors and supermajors have reams of paper wellfiles, seismic sections and basemaps that they have acquired over the years, often accessible only as library listings.

Flare Solutions specialize in the surfacing of lost data. Supported by the very latest in cognitive search technology, our career data managers are on hand to find, organize, spatialize and digitize your legacy well and seismic data, no matter how big the challenge.

If you would like to know exactly what data your company has access to, give us a call.


Making the most of your Data Room

Making the most of your Data Room

Farm-in opportunities and license rounds often result in large volumes of poorly organised information requiring analysis and interpretation  within strictly limited timeframes. Without sufficient support, your subsurface team members may find themselves spending more time searching for information than interpreting it.

With Flare’s innovative suite of information management tools, we are on-hand to take the pressure off your support staff and geoscientists when in receipt of data room information. Our Graph-based technology and ML-driven document recognition systems allow us to process large volumes of data and information very quickly, delivering fully catalogued datasets and enriched, descriptive metadata, all accessible via a set of  easy-to-use search tools.

If you would like to see a demo of our Sirus IM suite in action, feel free to give us a call.

Making your Data & Information Work for you during a Decommissioning Program

Making your Data & Information Work for you during a Decommissioning Program

Data and information are key components to any decommissioning activity. Without the correct data and information, the risks (HSE, budget, time, compliance) associated with these activities increase massively and making the correct decisions is often difficult.

As such, early preparation, QC and access to data and information is imperative. Flare can help with this by providing:

Easy to use search tools for locating data and information
Tagging of information to improve search results
Tracking of data deliverables and regulatory compliance

Graph Database - Flare Solutions

New Graph Engine

Flare’s information management applications now have graph database technology as their engine.

Graph databases store information as nodes along with the relationships that connect them. Organisations have large volumes of technical information so the number of nodes can be enormous and the number of relationships can be orders of magnitude greater still.

But, once the graph is in place, the speed to return searches can be truly astonishing. And as the volume of information added to the graph increases, the speed remains the same.