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Power of Sirus and Office 365

Flare puts the power of Sirus into Office 365

Flare’s new assistant Ava is now available in O365 applications to help users with suggestions for tags, standard names or values from business glossaries and dictionaties.

So, if you’ve ever struggled to remember the official company name, project, reference code or just want to know what tags to add to a document to make it easier to find Ava can help. 

Ava sits right alongside Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can also help in SharePoint.


Digital clean up

Do you wish you had sparkling clean information and data?

The phrase “rubbish in – rubbish out” has never been so relevant. 

It is not surprising that you struggle to find the information you need if it has not been stored with meaningful, consistent tags.

And now, as we try to get machines to do automatic tagging using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, it is critical that we train these new applications well with clean input content or they will tag badly too.

Flare has a range of tools to help; to help you make sense of your input information, even on a messy shared drive, to help you give it consistent tags, to help you find it again.  And to keep it polished if things change.


IT IM Architecture

Is your IT/IM architecture too expensive?

Is your IT/IM architecture too expensive?

One client had over 300,000,000 documents indexed on one server

That’s not a typo.  We’ve been working with a client in the midst of M&A activity, who had to deal with a massive influx of content.

Using Flare’s tools allowed us to index the entire dataset on one server.

If you’d like to save money on infrastructure, contact us to find out more.

Datasets Mergers - Flare Solutions

Does a merger or acquisition threaten to overwhelm your organisation with torrents of documents and data?

Find out how Flare Solutions’ approach saved Total Upstream Denmark millions of euros in the first eighteen months.

Olivier Mairal, Head of Data Integration at Total, said “…from experience, a standard approach on a similar scope would have taken about 20 years to do this manually with one-person EFT and a significant saving in terms of budget. The transition project was a success and delivered on time. My team did a great job, and Flare Solutions’ consultants and tools were also solid contributors to this success”.


Autotag - Flare Solutions

Can your users tag content consistently?

For over twenty years, Flare has been helping clients improve enterprise search.

Whilst is it possible to tag content automatically, we also support users with a unique and simple interface to interact with content, to select recommended tags and standard naming conventions.

If you want to integrate this capability with SharePoint, file systems and other repositories, please get in touch.


Taxonomies Evolution

Flare’s taxonomies keep evolving

Flare’s Taxonomies undergo continuous improvement, refinement and additions as new business areas, concepts and processes are required.

If you’d like to know how Taxonomies can save you time and money on Search and Integration projects or you’d rather benefit from Taxonomies than develop them, Flare can help.


How do you select the correct well name?

Getting well names ‘right’ has plagued the oil and gas industry since the beginning. For a start, which name is right – the regulatory one or the ones used by drillers, geologists or another?

And it’s not just well names – this is part of the bigger problem of Master Data Management, covering all named ‘assets’ in an organisation.

So how do you get it right?


combine search results of SharePoint, file stores and regulatory process

Would you like to combine search results of SharePoint, file stores and regulatory processes?

Flare’s Folio provides a project view over multiple applications and multiple repositories.  It enhances network drives and SharePoint stores, delivering hierarchical views, document counts and rapid search capabilities in one view.  It is also possible to integrate regulatory process views and track the information as it is delivered.

Visit Flare Solutions at PNEC 2019, Houston’s Marriot Westchase, 21-22nd May

PNEC 2019

Visit Flare Solutions at PNEC 2019, Houston’s Marriot Westchase, 21-22nd May If you’re attending PNEC, please drop by Booth #33 […]