What value does Intelligent Search bring to the Energy Industry?

What value does Intelligent Search bring to the Energy Industry?

Intelligent Search delivers better search results based on relevancy, content and data analysis.  These enhanced results are achieved by using Artificial Intelligence to understand and contextualise not only your corporate information repositories, but also the content of the search query and the user profile of the person making it.

As the energy industry transitions to net-zero, Intelligent Search has never been so important.

In order to provide this level of understanding, Intelligent Search utilises a technologically rich set of integrated layers, sometimes referred to as an ‘Insight Engine’.  Click here for more info.

So, what does this mean for the energy industry? Deploying Intelligent Search in your organisation will deliver significant value in a number of ways, for example:

  • Improved innovation and decision making – using Natural Language combined with Technical language, decision makers are able to find and access more relevant and targeted information across the entire enterprise, thus ensuring that decisions are based on the best possible set of information.
  • Surfacing & contextualising ‘dark data’ – automated document analysis is capable of surfacing ‘dark data’. For example: non-OCR’d PDF attachments in emails; legacy or obscure logical formats; structured data within unstructured documents.
  • Reduced risk – better search results lead to a reduction in risk for all segments of a company by providing access to accurate and complete results listings.
  • Improve digitalisation initiatives – Intelligent search capabilities will enhance your Digital transformation, upgrade enterprise search and accelerate AI/ML projects.
  • Competitive advantage – Intelligent Search utilises the very latest in AI-based query analysis and search technology and is transforming the way energy companies interact with their information stores.

Flare combines what your company knows with the questions you ask to find the information you need – no matter where it is.  Intelligent Search can be deployed quickly so that your company starts to realise value straight away. Flare is uniquely positioned to deliver these capabilities with a full-stack Insight Engine, and rich Intelligent Search capabilities supported by over twenty years industry experience delivering information management and search projects.

Flare’s deployments also include knowledge bases embedded in the semantic layer, comprising taxonomies, ontologies, and business dictionaries.  The knowledge base has recently been greatly expanded to include other key areas of the energy industry, including wind, tidal, solar, geothermal, biomass, hydrogen and supply infrastructure to enable the automatic and essential Technical Language Processing (TLP). This allows companies that have both hydrocarbon and renewable interests to utilise one system, seamlessly across their business segments.

Flare Solutions ― pioneering Intelligent Search for the Energy Industry.

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