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Creating your own taxonomy can make information easier to find, retrieve and manage

Would you find it difficult to create your companys Taxonomy?

Taxonomies can add value to your information and will inevitably make things easier to find, retrieve and manage. However, creating your own taxonomy can be difficult, time consuming and may not always provide what your organisation needs.

When investigating the creation of your own taxonomy, you need to look at factors such as the build cost, maintenance costs, complexity, scalability, interoperability and the overall end result, the total cost of ownership and how it fits with your objectives.

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What are taxonomies?

What Are Taxonomies and How Should They Be Used?

The ability to extrapolate and analyse data depends on relevant information being readily available and easy to find. A systematic search system that delivers a coherent structure and index for your business’s data is essential – which is why information taxonomies offer significant benefits that can make your organisation more efficient and productive.

intelligent search benchmarking

How much can you trust your technology?

As the global Digital Transformation gathers pace and advanced technology becomes part of our everyday lives, we naturally trust the things it tells us. But should we?

Flare’s Search Benchmarking service gives you the confidence that your search tools are finding the information that you really need. And if they aren’t? We’ll show you how to fix them…

What is Intelligent Search?

What Is Intelligent Search?

In recent years, households across the country have started to introduce intelligent search enabled devices into their homes. Whether it’s an Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri, intelligent search devices are quickly becoming the new norm when it comes to finding information with minimal effort. With intelligent search enabled devices, we have access to all of the information that we need in one place.
Despite its popularity, many people are still unaware of what intelligent search is. This article will provide you with a definition, how the functionality works and what benefits it could have for your business.

Flare Enterprise Search and ChatGPT

Flare:  An interview with ChatGPT in relation to enterprise search

This week I interviewed ChatGPT.  I asked searching questions like “what are you?”, “are you useful as an enterprise search tool?”, and about the role of taxonomies in enterprise search.  The responses are interesting in their own right, but the starting capabilities of ChatGPT were illustrated when asked the following: A recent BBC Tech Tent podcast described you as a drunk lurching through a forest grabbing on to the next tree. This is in relation to your statistical approach to generating a response. How do you respond to that? If you’d like to find out what ChatGPT had to say about this and more… then please follow the link to the full blog post here:

Primer for Information Management

Your primer for I.M. (Information Management)

I was out cycling a few weeks ago, and I spotted a scene that I snapped on my phone. There was something about it that I found interesting, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  It hit me when I got home.  The picture explains information management in an easy to remember way… but brings up some interesting points.

Successful Data Management

Best Practices for Successful Data Management

Accurate, relevant, and actionable data plays a crucial role in the growth of a business; if not meticulously managed, data assets can be an obstacle to growth.
Therefore, effective data management is a vital tool in enhancing data processes, improving the value of your data assets, and ensuring authenticity and quality.
At Flare Solutions, we can support your business with all aspects of data management. Read More…