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How Can Your AI Project Be More Successful After Data Cleaning?

The benefits of Machine Learning are extensive and promise to transform the way that businesses operate, with significant cost savings, enhanced productivity, and better efficiency likely once an AI project has been implemented. However, the effectiveness of ML depends heavily on the quality of the data, so why is data cleaning fundamental to successful AI data processing?

Flare Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisition – Understanding and Gaining Value from the Data

M&A activity can create a great deal of work and disruption to operations and project activities. Reducing or eliminating disruption involves having slick processes and methods of pulling data into your organisation.

Flare has tools and processes that can help to:

Understand incoming datasets, categorise and deduplicate them.
Automatically add tags from Flare’s taxonomies to ensure that data is easier to find and retrieve.
Create audits trails of all data movements.
Flare have worked with several clients, using our tools and processes to ensure that they have no disruption to operations during M&A projects.

Contact Flare if you’d like to know more or have a look at our guide for handling M&A datasets.

Taxonomies bridge the gap of understanding

The importance of taxonomies in the energy industry

Communication is key in the world of business, and an established taxonomy can help bridge the gap of understanding within an industry. This is particularly true for the energy industry, including oil, gas and renewables, which is brimming with domain-specific terminology associated with complex business process.

We’re going to take a look at the importance of taxonomies and how they can help information management systems in the energy industry.

What is a taxonomy?

Originally, the term ‘taxonomy’ was tied to the world of biology, with scientists using taxonomies to classify and distinguish organisms. Today, it carries a few different meanings depending on the context. Broadly speaking, a taxonomy is the way in which we classify and group similar concepts and things in the world. This is true for an information-based taxonomy too, where industries and businesses classify their information into meaningful categories and sub-categories. This, in essence, creates a hierarchy using metadata and can offer insights and a better understanding of relationships between information points. A well devised taxonomy will act as a knowledge map for a business or industry.

What is the importance of taxonomy?

A well-implemented taxonomy for a sector such as the energy industry is vital for operations to run smoothly. It also offers a range of beneficial functionality, such as:

Improved information access – Categorising information in a meaningful way can make it easier to search for, gather and retrieve. It also grows the pool of search results by automatically including closely related terms.
Deeper meaning – Taxonomies encourages the contextualisation of information, which allows for both the search term and ingested information to be understood in a more meaningful way.
Reduces junk information – Taxonomies can help remove junk information that is of no significance, which in turn can streamline search results and improve efficiency.

The energy industry can benefit greatly from taxonomies to improve handling information. From gleaning key insights from information to utilising metadata to streamline how searches are performed, taxonomies are an essential aspect of maintaining a well-structured level of communication across the sector.

If you’re interested in using taxonomies to your business’s advantage, Flare Solutions offers a range of Information Management Systems that can help.

Give us a call today, and bridge the gap in your communications.

Flare Solutions are industry-leaders in the recovery and management of legacy information.

Bringing past opportunities back to life

Like all industries, the energy sector is subject to market forces. Changes in the underlying price of oil or gas, advances in technology opening up previously difficult-to-produce hydrocarbon deposits or just a simple drop in consumer demand as the world strives towards carbon neutrality can leave many years’ worth of work relegated to the corporate archives.

But as every industry professional knows, changing market conditions can sometimes make long-shelved projects financially feasible again.

Flare Solutions are industry-leaders in the recovery and management of legacy information. Whether it’s an old team shared-drive that’s been dumped to disk, backed-up document management systems or a suite of interpretation projects that need restoring and upgrading, our experts are on hand to help bring your projects back to life.

Give us a call today, and be sure that your teams have all the information they need.

Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing – How AI is changing the way you handle your content

For a long time, knowledge workers have had to manually capture useful information contained in documents by transcribing it to corporate repositories.

If the reports are hardcopy, they may also have to use digitisation services to apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and produce searchable PDF-type digital files before the information is manually captured.

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence, and more specifically, Machine Learning, the capture of this valuable information is moving away from the knowledge worker and into the remit of smart, document processing algorithms.

Recent advances in pattern recognition via the use of multi-layered Neural Networks (a form of Machine Learning that mimics the human brain) are transforming the way businesses manage their data receipt. Intelligent Document Processing systems (IDP), trained using samples of the types of reports and documentation that a company may expect to receive, have the capability to find, extract and process useful information without human intervention. Once trained, the process typically involves three stages:

Advanced document interrogation software, supported by a comprehensive suite of taxonomies, reference databases and digital glossaries, allows the system to identify, classify and tag incoming documentation so that the system knows what it is dealing with, whether it’s an invoice, technical survey or operational report.
Pre-processing OCR technology and AI-powered information extraction algorithms find and extract the useful information contained within the document.

An enriched index of information is created from the captured information, allowing the system to utilise advanced surfacing technology such as Intelligent Search.

Intelligent Document Processing, in combination with Intelligent Search and AI-based knowledge management, is fast becoming the de facto technology for corporate data receipt. As the global Digital Transformation gathers pace and the world moves away from manual data transcription, now is the time to ensure that your business is leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Flare Information Management. Pioneering Intelligent Search.

Understanding what information you have in your organisation

Understanding what information you have in your organisation

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what data and information your company has available, where it’s located, its accessibility, quality and provenance. This often leads to end user frustration and more pressure on data and information management teams to find data.

Flare have the tools and experience to classify, categorise and deduplicate your information to help you to better understand your information. We do this by using automated classification routines to assign taxonomic tags to information items and build up a picture of the information inventory that you hold. The inventory is searchable and allows users to find and retrieve information from across your information landscape.

Why use enterprise search

Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Enterprise Search Software

When business information is poorly organised or cluttered, it can be virtually impossible to find and access the data required to make informed business decisions. Data can be spread across multiple sources – files, servers, databases, emails, and even redundant legacy systems – making quick retrieval challenging and unnecessarily time-consuming. If data has large volumes of supporting documentation attached or is highly technical in nature, the problem is even greater.

Enterprise search software can transform the way businesses in the energy market manage their information, providing reliable and cost-efficient ways to locate critical data quickly.

3 ways enterprise search saves time

Three Ways Enterprise Search Software Can Save Your Company Time

Time savings are one of the most important benefits of enterprise search software. Poor time management and protracted administrative tasks are significant obstacles to business productivity, driving down employee efficiency and harming financial growth. Consequently, time savings are a key factor in the surging popularity of the global enterprise search market, which is expected to reach $8.9bn (US) in value globally by 2024.

So, how can enterprise search software save time in your energy business?

Enterprise Search Software is Key Ingredient

Three Reasons Enterprise Search Software Is The Key Ingredient To a Successful AI Project

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is flourishing in business and industry, with a global market growth of 54% year-on-year predicted over the next three years. In the energy sector, AI-enabled software offers many benefits, including the potential to reduce energy waste, slash costs, and accelerate the use of renewable energy sources. It also can be harnessed to improve the operation and control of power systems, thereby improving efficiency, reducing downtime, and achieving cost savings.

The importance of data management and search functionality in any AI project should not be underestimated, but selecting or using the wrong data could prove to be catastrophic.

What is Intelligent Search

What Is Intelligent Search Technology? The Latest Enterprise Search Software In The Market

Data plays a key role in modern business, but its accumulation can result in vast silos of information that are difficult to trawl through for employees and customers alike. Cutting-edge information management technology, in the form of intelligent search software, eliminates confused and cluttered data silos, enabling end-users to quickly and easily find the information they need.

Powered by innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered systems, intelligent search enables employees and customers to find and extract information, either from within or outside the business. Data may be stored in different formats, from databases and document management systems to webpages or digital content: yet intelligent search locates and pulls down the required information quickly and efficiently.

So how does Intelligent Search work? Follow the link to find out.

Digital Transformation

Advances in technology and a low carbon future

Digital technology is embedded in almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we work and the places we live to the things we own. So it comes as no surprise that technology and the Digital Transformation will play a key role in how we transition to a low carbon world.

Flare have reviewed how recent advances in AI, connectivity, robotics and the Internet of Things might support a global shift to Net Zero, and how easily accessed and trustworthy information may be key to meeting some of the challenges of climate change.

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Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search

Finding the right words isn’t always easy. If you are new to a team or company, or the information you are looking for is obscure and difficult to locate, a traditional search tool may require you to use exactly the right keywords in your search term to produce results ― and even then, things may be a little hit and miss.

But not so with Intelligent Search.

Flare’s innovative search functionality uses Natural Language Processing to analyse and understand your search term, while our comprehensive suite of taxonomies ensure that any aliases, acronyms, spelling mistakes or redundant words are accounted for when compiling and prioritising your search results.

Is your information efficiently governed

Is your information efficiently governed?

With over two decades of providing data and information management consultancy services to the energy industry, Flare are perfectly positioned to help you develop your information management governance policies.

Incorporating everything from process ownership and information security to establishing lines of accountability, governance is key to maintaining an effective corporate IM framework. Flare’s consultants are on hand to support you in the development and roll-out of an information governance solution tailored to your business.

Call us now if you’d like to know more.

Autotag makes document tagging easy!

Flare’s Autotag makes document tagging easy

You know you need to tag your documents so someone can find them in the future but would you like some help doing it?

Flare’s Autotag solution automatically does the clever stuff to tag documents with the correct descriptive taxonomic terms, such as document types, well names, field names or disciplines (and others). Tags are selected by interrogating file names, file paths and/or document content, ensuring that each document is stored with the appropriate metadata and enabling better search and retrieval results.

Flare has recently released a new version of Autotag which provides greater functionality and accuracy. Multiple document type tags can now be applied to individual documents, and a new interface allows the QC of tags to be undertaken in a dynamic manner.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Flare’s Energy Taxonomy expands into Renewables

Flare’s Energy Taxonomy expands into Renewables

Flare’s oil and gas taxonomy has set the standard for the energy industry’s document tagging, knowledge-management and free text search software for the past twenty years. Its impact has meant that information is now much easier to find and retrieve in many E&P companies across the globe.

Flare have recently extended its taxonomic coverage to all areas of renewables and associated sectors, including solar, wind, tidal, hydro, geothermal and CCUS. This means that the taxonomy can now fully support energy companies in their transition to Net Zero.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Accessing Hidden Content

Is your content hidden away in silos?

If like many companies, your content is spread across multiple repositories, it can be a challenge to find something.  You may struggle with the correct words / standards, or you may have to conduct multiple searches in different systems to be sure you’ve got everything you need.  Conversely if you are an author, where should you put your magnum opus? #InformationManagement

Flare Solutions Intelligent Search 2022

Happy New Year, 2022

Not too much news this week, so a great opportunity to wish everyone all the very best for 2022.

We’re not much for resolutions, here, but we do want to share more about our work delivering Intelligent Search, and how that can impact and benefit business.

Please reach out if you’d like to chat about what we do.

paper toy squirrel

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas – 2021

With Christmas rapidly approaching, its that time we traditionally gather our thoughts and take stock, ready for the New Year ahead.

Following the last couple of years unique events, it can sometimes feel difficult to get to the kernel of truth/facts. But, just like a squirrel can always find the right nut, Flare’s Intelligent Search can quickly focus in on relevant information.

As an added bonus, for those who weren’t lucky enough to pick up one of our fluffy (and very popular) squirrels at recent conferences, we have created a seasonal paper squirrel for you to download and make.

As the old saying goes: “Out of small acorns fat squirrels will grow”

So, we wish you all well for the forthcoming holidays, and for happiness and health as we head into 2022!

Company Search Solutions

How Good is your Company Search Solution?

Many energy companies have enterprise search solutions that allow staff to try to find and retrieve data and information from across the business. However, do you understand how good (or bad) your search solution is? Does the search give you all the correct results? Are expected items missing? Do you get swamped by poorly matched search results? Does your search tool rank the results effectively?

Flare has an established methodology for assessing how good corporate search is. We look at ranking, precision and recall, providing you with a greater understanding of your company’s search tool and its results. We provide analysis and evidence on how it may be improved to give a better user search experience, better results and a lower level of risk.


SPDM 2021 UK Online

SPDM 2021UK Online – 22nd to 26th November 2021This brand new conference is available to Society members across the globe and aims to cover data and information issues that we face in our current climate.
The presentation we will be doing at this event is schedule for 11:00 UK time on Friday 26th November:  
How Intelligent Search Can Support Digital Transformation, Lee Hatfield – Principle Consultant of Flare Solutions Ltd

PETEX 2021 Flare Solutions

PETEX 2021

Hosted at the Business Design Centre in London, PETEX is the largest subsurface-focussed global conference and exhibition in the UK. Looking to find out more about how intelligent search works? Come along and find Flare Solutions in Booth J1.

Net Zero and the Digital Transformation

Net Zero and the Digital Transformation

Achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050 will require many deep and broad changes to the way we live and work. Every sector will be affected by the transformation to some degree, and many aspects of today’s society will be unrecognisable within a few decades.  Underlying much of this transformation, advanced digital technology will act as an indispensable enabler and catalyst, supporting activities ranging from research into new materials and limitless energy sources, to monitoring and controlling the heating systems in our homes.
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