Automated document tagging and flexible taxonomy management

Automated document tagging is one of the many features of Sirus, Flare’s Insight Engine, together with intelligent search functionality, business rules, taxonomy management and text analytics. In order to provide these advanced capabilities, the platform utilises a Semantic Layer ― itself composed of a comprehensive suite of taxonomies, reference databases, data dictionaries and look-up tables.

The Semantic Layer also gives Sirus the ability to categorise and automatically tag documents via Flare’s Autotag functionality. Autotag leverages the Flare Taxonomies to automatically categorise and tag documents based on ingested metadata and content analysis, making the cataloguing and/or migration of documents in underlying repositories such as SharePoint or Documentum fast and effective. The resulting classification allows users to search and retrieve information quickly and have trust in the results.


  • Rapid and consistent automated tagging with minimal requirement for human interaction
  • Information items are classified against relevant terms, phrases and names from taxonomies designed for the Energy industry
  • Adaptors allow direct links to repositories such as Documentum, Livelink and SharePoint
  • Rules secure individual or groups of documents
  • Notifications tell users when new documents are available to view and use
  • Full integration with other Flare modules allows seamless access to information and workflows

Key Features

  • AutoTag – enables automated document tagging using a suite of bespoke taxonomies. Thousands of documents can be automatically classified in minutes against Flare’s Taxonomies. AutoTag uses term matching, probabilistic matching, text analytics and natural language processing to produce the best possible results that improve the accuracy and relevance of future searches
  • Taxonomy Manager – provides effective management of the Taxonomies and allows for the addition of new terms, aliases and values
  • Custom Taxonomy – to support company-specific requirements consistent with the Flare Taxonomies
  • Rules Engine – with adaptors for Livelink, Documentum, SharePoint and other repositories - collates and uses rule sets such as retention rules, quality rules, and security and governance rules

Flare’s automated document tagging functionality ensures that your information assets are properly described and catalogued, no matter how large the repository. Take advantage of our AI-powered autotagging technology, and give us a call today.

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