information management intelligent search

information management intelligent search

There are many aspects to consider when improving your corporate information management systems. Traditional solutions would address the IM technical architecture, information governance, security, information quality standards, organisational capability and the incorporation of business processes, but very few would consider Search Technology as a key deliverable.

With the advent and adoption of advanced, AI-powered Search tools, this traditional approach to Information Management is rapidly changing.

Intelligent Search is a key component of an integrated, multi-layered IM/KM platform, often delivered by an ‘Insight Engine’ that utilises Artificial Intelligence at almost every stage in the gathering, processing, contextualisation and delivery of information.



Intelligent Search

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Flare’s Sirus platform provides an out-of-the-box Intelligent Search solution to the Energy Industry. Our smart connectors and pre-processing technology ensure that all the valuable information that has been locked away in poorly managed silos becomes available to your end users while maintaining and augmenting your corporate security policies. Furthermore, our extensive suite of taxonomies, data dictionaries and reference databases provide context to your information, allowing our Intelligent Search tools to interpret your query and provide ranked, relevant and meaningful results.

The global Digital Transformation and ever-growing corporate adoption of AI-based technology is changing the way the Energy Industry leverages its information assets. While governance, security, quality and process are all of critical importance to any IM solution―the end user’s search experience is proving to be just as important to the successful adoption of modern IM initiatives.

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