Flare delivers Digital Transformation Strategy for OGUK

Flare delivers Digital Transformation Strategy for OGUK

Flare Solutions has delivered a new digital strategy to help OGUK drive forward its future digital and data capabilities.  

As the leading representative body for the UK oil and gas industry, OGUK is a data-rich organisation. With a strong focus on managing the security of information provided by its members, OGUK sees digital transformation as a key part of delivering industry-leading products to its membership in the future.

Flare worked virtually with OGUK staff and management to define their future digital requirements, aspirations, and ability to deliver.  The strategy takes into account current industry trends and will allow OGUK to gain maximum value from its data assets and deliver further insight, value and understanding to its membership.

Daniel Brown, OGUK’s Data and Digital Lead, said “This is an important piece of work that will help OGUK extract full value from its data assets, thereby supporting its broader objectives to represent and promote the interests of the oil and gas industry. The strategy will support OGUK in sharing information with its membership and the wider industry to better understand industry trends and analyses, particularly as the industry transitions to net-zero.”

If you would like to know more about how Flare supports its clients with ‘Digital’ and transformational data and information management, contact Glenn Mansfield, Director/Founder.

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