Do you need help searching for technical stuff in multiple places?

intelligent search

For over twenty years, Flare has been helping clients search for technical information, wherever it is stored. If you’re still struggling with this problem, then read on…

What if you could have a search experience that is as simple as using Google, which understands the language of the industry, finds the correct version of the information and does it quickly, regardless of where it is stored. 

With Flare’s Insight Engine – Sirus – delivering Intelligent Search, it is a reality.  Using Flare’s industry knowledge bases combined with your corporate knowledge, it understands what you are looking for.  Sirus does some smart things to deal with aliases, synonyms and acronyms – it even handles misspellings. Clever ranking means you are presented with the results in a meaningful order. The content could be anywhere; in your EDMS, in your hardcopy store, on your network drive, or held externally.  Wherever it is, Sirus will find it.

Flare recently upgraded the whole Insight Engine to use Graph technology, so results are returned more quickly than ever.

And of course, you can see the results on a map, in a table or as part of a dashboard.

If you’d like to find out how Intelligent Search can help you find your information – give Flare a call

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