What Is Automated Data Cleansing and Why Is It Important?

Data Cleansing

The business world is constantly evolving and this is easy to see when you compare now to ten years ago. There have been some massive changes over this period and the amount of data that companies now collect is certainly one. Large datasets are the norm for a lot of organisations, and gaining strategic insights from them is important. To enable this to happen, many businesses will need to engage in data cleansing.

But what is data cleansing and why is it important?

What Is Data Cleansing?

In simple terms, data cleansing is the process of removing or fixing corrupt, inaccurate, poorly formatted, duplicated or incomplete information within a dataset. Data Cleansing will normally be carried out in conjunction with the application of minimum quality standards. All data quality will be measured against those minimum standards and actioned accordingly. The truth is that bringing more than one source of data together delivers plenty of opportunities for the information to be misidentified. Data cleansing effectively deals with this issue and leaves you with accurate data in the right format to work from.

Why Should You Do a Data Cleanse?

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered data cleansing software can deliver a whole host of specific benefits. For starters, it will give you better quality data that is timely, valid, accurate, properly formatted and complete. It will also mean the high-quality data you have can be traced to its source. AI data cleansing will also save you and your team a lot of time. This is because data that has been cleansed is quicker to search through and needs less time to find. The other point to make here is that ML-based data cleaning techniques make it easier to find complete information. By taking out old or outdated information, the risk of poor decision making is reduced. Storage is also key to think about when it comes to holding lots of data. Data that has been cleansed is better here because your business does not need as much disk space to save it all. In addition, the time needed to manage your data is reduced through the data cleaning AI software can deliver.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Automation Clean Your Data?

As noted above, automated data cleansing AI-based platform delivery is one way to approach this task now. But what benefits does this bring, compared to doing it manually? The main attraction data cleaning machine-learning-based platforms come with is the amount of time they save you. It is just much quicker to cleanse data through automation than by having human workers do it. This in turn saves you money and means human staff can put their skills to better use. Automated data cleansing is also a lot more accurate and efficient. Automatic cleansing of data for businesses is also more scalable. As your business grows and the amount of raw data collected rises, AI-driven cleansing can easily keep pace with this. Another excellent reason to automate data cleansing is the ability machines have to recognise patterns in large datasets. AI data cleansers can spot these patterns more quickly and more reliably than any human data analyst ever could.

Flare Solutions Can Help With AI-based Data Cleansing

Being able to use automation to cleanse your data, flag up any anomalies and organise it correctly means your skilled workers can get on with the job they are meant to – whilst the software does all the hard work. Here at Flare Solutions, we have worked with some of the biggest brands on the market and have lots of experience in automated data cleansing. Get in touch on 020 4538 2943 to find out how our AI-driven Sirus platform can help clean your data.

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