Flare Leading Taxonomy

Flare Leading Taxonomy

A comprehensive taxonomy makes intelligent search become a reality.

Over the past twenty years Flare has developed its taxonomies, initially in Oil and Gas and now to cover wider ranging Energy sector requirements.  The taxonomies deliver an industry leading way for companies to tag and organise their content and ensure that finding data and information in the future is easy. We cover all disciplines within the Energy industry, including subsurface, CCUS, well engineering, facilities engineering, petroleum engineering and logistics, together with shared service disciplines such as HR, legal, regulatory reporting, HSSE, C&P, Finance and IM. The chart below shows our current coverage.

Flare Taxonomy Coverage

Flare’s taxonomies not only include 36,000 terms, but also aliases, synonyms, acronyms and over 450,000 relationships. In addition to this, we’ve added over 60,000 well log curve names to help support log data tagging.

Why Use a Taxonomy?

Our taxonomies constantly evolve with the Energy Industry. Taxonomies can be used to capture business knowledge and understanding for the long term and help businesses improve their systems, including Information Classification, Automated Document Tagging, Search, Automation, Master Data Management, Records Management, BI, Asset Management and AI/ML initiatives. You can find more detail on the benefits of our taxonomies here.

Flare’s Taxonomies can be used either with Flare’s application suite or as a standalone product licenced by your organisation.

If you’d like to see if we provide coverage for your specific needs, or you’d like  more information, feel free to contact us.

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