Flare puts the power of Sirus into Office 365

Power of Sirus and Office 365

Flare’s new assistant Ava is now available in O365 applications.  Ava is there to help users with suggestions for tags, standard names or values from business glossaries and dictionaries.

So, if you’ve ever struggled to remember the official well name, project, reference code or just want to know what tags to add to a document to make it easier to find in the future, Ava can help.

Ava sits right alongside Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and can also help in SharePoint.  Ava accesses Sirus, which leverages Graph technologies to deliver rapid speed and accurate tags.  Sharing is easier with a best-in-class tagging experience.  Searching is massively improved by consistent names and embedded knowledge.

To see Ava in action, please get in touch.

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