Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Enterprise Search Software

Why use enterprise search

When business information is poorly organised or cluttered, it can be virtually impossible to find and access the data required to make informed business decisions. Data can be spread across multiple sources – files, servers, databases, emails, and even redundant legacy systems – making quick retrieval challenging and unnecessarily time-consuming. If data has large volumes of supporting documentation attached or is highly technical in nature, the problem is even greater.

Enterprise search software can transform the way businesses in the energy market manage their information, providing reliable and cost-efficient ways to locate critical data quickly.

1. Boost Productivity

Without enterprise search software, staff can spend up to 30% of their working day hunting for information. With an enterprise search solution, no time is lost to extensive data trawls. Multiple sources of data are searched quickly, using advanced metadata and values from comprehensive taxonomies, to ensure information is located instantly – even using highly technical search terms.

2. Increase Profits

Increased productivity will naturally lead to increased profits, but this isn’t the whole story when it comes to implementing enterprise search software. Any business’s profitability depends, also, on cultivating an environment for informed decision making. If you’re negotiating lucrative contracts or agreeing a deal with investors, acting promptly is critical.

Having the right information to hand at the right time could be a decisive factor in your business’s growth. Enterprise search software will trawl through your business’s data assets quickly, ensuring you have the financial report or legal document you need to be able to make the best decision for your organisation.

3. Handpick Information Assets

With enterprise search software, you can select and combine different sources of information for specific purposes. For example, you can mix and match data from within your business and external sources, such as legal information, industry publications, or public tenders.

This offers many advantages to businesses in the energy industry, such as augmenting your business’s own data with that from trustworthy external sources that are in the public domain or accessible through agreement.

4. Exploit Old Tech For The Future

Enterprise search software can also retrieve old business information from redundant or legacy systems. These platforms typically store a large volume of information that can be searched and retrieved by an enterprise search, so that it can be utilised in new ways.

By implementing an enterprise search solution, your business can increase its versatility and responsiveness by drawing upon a greater breadth of information from more information sources.

5. Reduce Risk

Enterprise search allows users in your organisation to find and retrieve all the important information that it needs to make informed and correct decisions about future strategy, investment decisions and divestments. Making decisions without the full and correct information leads to higher risk and poor decision making.

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