How do you select the correct well name?


Getting well names ‘right’ has plagued the oil and gas industry since the beginning. For a start, which name is right – the regulatory one or the ones used by drillers, geologists or short-names on maps? Throw in variations in numbering and spelling, naming of sidetracks or re-spuds and you have a perfect storm!

And it’s not just well names – this is part of the bigger problem of Master Data Management, covering all named ‘assets’ in an organisation.

Flare has a highly-scalable, graph-based set of taxonomies where well (and other) names are stored together with their links to related assets like fields, basins, countries etc. It holds name aliases and has smart processing to deal with annoying leading zeros, dashes, slashes and other misleading characters. Users can choose which name they see.

The result is the ‘right’ well name every time.


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