Flare Folio provides a better approach to connect project information

Flare are excited to announce availability of the latest version of Folio.

Flare Folio

Folio delivers a dynamic project information environment based on rigorous IM thinking. With an easy to use, folder-like interface and the ability to integrate multiple repositories, Folio can bring together business assets, functions, disciplines and processes.

Folio represents a new direction for Flare and brings a truly collaborative experience to users. It simplifies interaction with working documents, early versions and final drafts, on network drives or in Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) and SharePoint.  Users interact with work-in-progress whilst also connecting to enterprise data, final content and business processes.

Folio was conceived following a meeting at which users expressed frustration with an existing EDMS which dispensed with the concept of folders altogether.  “What we really need is Windows Explorer connected to our shared drive and to the EDMS”, they said.  Folio was the result.

Folio’s enhanced folder environment augments network drives and EDMS, so that users who are frustrated with a metadata-only approach have a solution that supports collaboration and sharing.

The enhanced folders augment existing network drives, EDMS and other content stores with:

  • tag inheritance
  • automatic tagging recommendations
  • business rules
  • quality control
  • automatic routing of files to selected folders/stores.

Flare’s publishing approach is simple and intuitive for users. The best-in-class user experience encourages people to add tags, supported by automatic recommendation.  Ultimately, good tagging leads to more visualisation options and improved search results.

Folio offers two key usage modes. It supports the needs of general users needing to create new content or search for existing content, and it provides a robust environment for information clean-up.  Folio facilitates collaboration, detects duplicates and minimises their future proliferation.  Used in conjunction with other modules in Sirus, Folio can also migrate content automatically to where ever it is needed.

Glenn Mansfield, Business Development Director at Flare comments,

“The way Folio connects information delivers unique and powerful capabilities.  Bringing together the work-in-progress environment with the longer-term enterprise information helps users to work more effectively.”

Folio is fully integrated with Sirus, Flare’s Information Management platform, and is available now.


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