Establishing an Exploration Project Interpretation Environment?

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As every technical assistant knows, one of the first requests that an exploration manager will make when starting up a new project is to establish the digital interpretation environment.  This inevitably means trawling the company’s operational and legacy repositories to find whatever structured or unstructured information the company may own over the proposed AOI.

Often, it is building the unstructured dataset that will produce the greatest challenge. In a bid to find all salient reports and archived projects, support staff typically find themselves tackling everything from snapshots of poorly managed legacy shared-drives to multi-format library indexes of decades-old hardcopy stores.

With Flare technology, this process can be dramatically streamlined. Our cutting-edge search and recovery tools, combined with intelligent document recognition algorithms and dedicated E&P consultant support ensures that all your relevant legacy information will be located, recovered, and made available to you quickly and with minimal impact to the end-user.

Whether you are building an interpretation environment for a farm-in opportunity, a basin review, or participating in an upcoming licence round, Flare will ensure that nothing is missed.

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