Ensuring compliance for well regulatory reporting

Key Benefits

  • The process was recreated in an application, making it easy to use.
  • All data was submitted on time and was complete.
  • The company didn’t face any loss of reputation of potential compliance issues from the regulator.

Project Outline

Our client operated a number of oil and gas fields on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, and was responsible for reporting well data to the Norwegian authorities within six months of a well being drilled. This deadline was often missed, and the data reported was often incomplete. The client deployed Flare’s Tracker system to manage this well reporting activity.

Flare’s Approach

An initial consultation period analysed and agreed the reporting requirements with the client. The requirements were based on the country legal requirements for well reporting.

Flare’s Tracker system was used to track, warn and notify key business owners when data needed to be submitted to the regulator.


  • Tracker ensured that the right data was submitted at the right time and also gave client a full audit trail of what had been submitted and the date of submission.
  • Users were able to see the status of each well, who was responsible for what, and view an audit trail of all completed wells.



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