Fluid data policy and workflows

Reservoir fluids data management

As part of a three year long programme of initiatives aimed at improving the subsurface data management within the business unit, a team worked on improving the quality, reliability and accessibility of reservoir fluids data. The policies and workflows generated by the project team were then adopted by headquarters for use across the organisation globally.

Flare’s Approach

Flare worked within the multi-disciplinary team on-site and then delivered additional consulting remotely to support the team as they progressed through a project stage-gate that required assessment of solution alternatives. Flare initially delivered a White Paper on reservoir fluids data management to provide the team with an understanding of how this data type is managed in other organisations. Flare also worked on existing and proposed workflows.


The client gained a broad view of reservoir data management gained from many regions and from a range of organisations against which they could test their proposed solution and workflows.

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