Production reporting and contracts management

Production reporting and contracts management

The client operates a gas field in the Southern North Sea on behalf of a number of partners and uses the Flare ProCoM system to perform the production reporting and to manage the complex gas contracts.

Flare’s Approach

Initially, Flare replaced the manual production data entry process with an automated data input mechanism. The production data are now loaded every four hours. The data processing functions of ProCoM enable the data to be visualised and checked before generating reports required by the authorities. The gas contracts management functions record the production against the agreements and highlight any anomalies. The ProCoM system has been updated as the complexity of the contracts has increased over the years due to mergers and acquisitions of partner companies.


The introduction of the automatic data loading instantly delivered cost savings and freed the technical staff up so they could analyse the data. The contract management functions provide the staff with a powerful tool over a very complex set of inter-related agreements.