Making production reporting regulatory compliance easy

Making production reporting regulatory compliance easy

Key Benefits

  • The company didn’t face any loss of reputation of potential compliance issues from the regulator.
  • Reporting performance was visible to all stakeholders, including partners
  • The system drove behavioural change and on-time report delivery improved

The Compliance Challenge

Our client was a Joint Venture operator of a large multi-billion-dollar oilfield development project. It was important to ensure that all of the company’s regulatory and partner reporting was in place, tested and operational before first oil. Around 200 periodic reports, from daily to annual, were identified during a full business process review across all departments, including Production, Finance, HSE, Technical and Legal. Many reports had multiple recipients and/or electronic and hard-copy formats.

Flare’s Approach

Flare was involved from the start of the project to advise on the information management approach and to develop requirements for configuring its Tracker system to model the report creation and delivery process. Process owners were identified and responsibilities assigned within the system. Delivery schedules were also included to drive reminders, warnings and notifications and to create delivery performance metrics.

The client obtained a full end-to-end process, a compliance tracking dashboard and an audit trail of their compliance obligations.


  • The Reporting System was seen by the client as a highly successful business tool and a key part of their preparation for first oil

“I remember when we saw the prototype for managing compliance.  It was a huge wall, about eight metres in length, split into sections with grid marks, columns for dates, a row for each report.  The wall was peppered with different coloured post-its.   People would come and add a post-it here, and a post-it there.  We knew there was a better way.  As we watched one of the newly added post-its fell off the wall and floated to the floor.  It was great to be able to create an application with metrics for each department – their virtual wall of post-its – and know that things had improved.” – IM Consultant, Flare.

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