Five Benefits Of Deploying An Intelligent Search Solution

Five benefits of deploying an Intelligent Search solution

Intelligent Search represents the next generation of AI-powered knowledge management and information discovery technology, but what are the real benefits of deploying intelligent search solutions? With over two decades of providing information management services and software to the Energy Industry, Flare have chosen our top five picks for why an Intelligent Search solution would benefit your business.

Improved Search Experience

There have been some enormous leaps forward in digital technology over the past few decades: cloud-based solutions, Big Data, the Internet of Things, and advances in data analytics to name just a few. With a wealth of digital information opening up to the knowledge worker, it’s little surprise that they need a more advanced set of tools than traditional keyword search functionality. Intelligence Search provides a different type of experience. Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Technical Language Processing (TLP) allow the system to undertake real-time query analysis, determining the intent of the user’s search terms. Furthermore, filtering, and faceted search functionality produces ever-more targeted results, ensuring that the search results are rich, relevant, and meaningful. The end result is vastly improved information discoverability and a seamless digital experience.

Empowering Your Experts

An enterprise-level deployment of Intelligent Search will touch upon almost all aspects of your business. As part of an Insight Engine, Intelligent Search utilises information gathering technology powered by Machine Learning, often termed ‘intelligent ingestion’, which is capable of collating information no matter where it is located or in which format it has been stored. This ensures that all your relevant information silos are made available to your experts, and their contents are delivered in a controlled and managed manner. Intelligent Search unlocks the strategic value of your corporate memory by making it accessible to the people who are best placed to use it.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Your employees can only make fact-based, big-picture decisions if they have easy access to the right data. By providing users with actionable information and knowledge-rich search results, decisions become data-driven and business insights are catalysed. Intelligent Search contextualises ingested information by accessing something called a Semantic Layer ― an internal index enriched by industry-specific taxonomies, ontologies, data dictionaries, reference databases, aliases and synonyms. This ensures that your decision makers have access to the right information at the right time.

Time, Productivity, and Cost

It’s one of the oldest business drivers for improving information management systems, but it’s still relevant today. Knowledge workers spend a huge amount of time searching for information which directly impacts their productivity and, in turn, costs the business money. A well deployed Intelligent Search solution will go a long way in removing this burden by employing a deep understanding of both human requirements and business need. Furthermore, AI-powered technology is adept at automating laborious information management tasks while optimising cooperation and teamworking, both resulting in improved productivity.

With the information you need at your fingertips and your IM operations streamlined, Intelligent Search is one of the most powerful research tools available to time-poor knowledge workers.

Keeping Up With The Competition

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. As human-like, conversational technologies and artificial neural networks move out of the lab and into the workplace, it is all too easy to become a technical laggard. Many business are now turning to tech companies to provide out-of-the-box Intelligent Search solutions and responsibly developed AI technology. Further to this, companies like Flare Solutions are on hand to help mitigate the risks associated with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, including AI governance framework development and transparent, unbiased and explainable AI-powered Search technology.

Flare’s Sirus platform is an AI-enabled Insight Engine providing Intelligent Search solutions to the Energy Industry. Call us now if you would like to see a demonstration.

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