faceted search

faceted search

For over twenty years, Flare has been helping clients improve their experience of searching technical repositories utilising Intelligent Search.

One of the topics that clients often discuss is the idea of searching by facets or class.

We’ve combined the most comprehensive industry knowledge base available on today’s market with the incredible performance of Graph technologies to deliver an unrivalled faceted search capability.

This means that you can easily create a facetted search to meet your needs:

Want to see all PDFs that the organisation has related to a specific country? No problem.
Want to find all confidential reports that mention a particular well? No problem (as long as you’ve got permission to see that information).
Want to find all cost reports created for a particular process step during the well delivery process for deep water wells? No problem.

What’s more is these results are available instantly.

If you’d like to see a demo – give us a call.