E&P Information cataloguing and tracking

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Flare’s Catalog and Taxonomy technologies have been used to capture and classify a wide range of E&P information types. A project stage-gate process has been adopted in both the exploration and development areas to track, publish and classify key business deliverables. The Catalog system holds over 10 million entries and is used globally.

Flare’s Approach

Initial delivery was to the global HQ for cataloguing a wide range of E&P information across multiple internal and external systems. The next step was to support the field development process: workflows were analysed, deliverables identified and the Catalog and Tracker systems were configured, followed by a global roll-out to business units. Then a similar approach was used for the exploration and new ventures projects. The system uses a number of global servers which replicate on a regular basis – so an item added in the USA will be visible to Malaysia within an hour. A key principle is all items are visible to all – although access to the content will depend on security and regulatory policies.


The Catalog has greatly improved users access to information across the company. Many people are discovering information that was never visible before.

Both exploration and development teams have far better access to their finalised project information. The visibility of a ‘check-list’ of key deliverables makes it easy to know what to produce and when.