Training, certification and competency management system

TOPAS – Training, Certification & Competency Management system

Management system training certification

Project Description/Issue

The client operates the largest gas storage reservoir in the UK, with 340 bcf cushion gas, 100 bcf storage capacity and a delivery capability of 1.5 bcf per day.   With multiple locations, onshore and offshore, with different shifts patterns and shift requirements, the client faced challenging issues around managing training, certification and compliance. The initial brief was to deliver a system that identified competence requirements for roles in the business and to develop a system, which would track individual’s competences.

Flare’s Approach

Flare worked with the client as part of the team. During the consulting as-is phase of the project it became apparent that not only was there a role-based competence requirement, but a shift based competence need. This would in turn affect requests for holidays, should specific competencies be required on a shift, e.g. a HLO (Helicopter Landing Officer) is always required on a manned platform, yet our normal HLO wants to book vacation or a course. Flare worked with the client to develop a system to model role-based and shift based competencies, as well as track users competencies and certification.


By taking a holistic approach to the required solution the scope was defined and included role and shift competencies, a training planning system and user tracking for certification, holidays, sickness and training.

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