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Intelligent Search

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Intelligent Search is changing our relationship with information. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, leveraging a suite of industry leading taxonomies, find out how Flare’s Intelligent Search engine can transform the way that you work with your digital assets.

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It’s one of the most valuable assets of any business.

But it is worthless if it’s hidden, hard to find or generally inaccessible.

Conventional search technologies often miss things

as they don’t understand the information in your business.

Intelligent Search

But Flare’s Intelligent Search does.

It talks your language.

And it delivers true digital transformation by understanding all your data and information assets.

It uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and a multitude of taxonomies, synonyms, hierarchies and advanced tagging algorithms

To create a business and industry specific index

to create a business and industry specific index

of all your files, projects, data, and company knowledge.

Whether on-site or online, Flare’s technology can read, analyse,

automatically tag and describe your information

Flare Intelligent Search
Flare Intelligent Search

The result is your searches won’t shine a light under one rock –

They’ll lift every rock – intelligently.

As the world of work changes, Intelligent Search allows you to access the relevant answers you need.

Deliver true Digital Transformation and get the most out of your information with Sirus –

Flare’s Intelligent Search engine.

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