Integrating technical assurance systems across the E&P value chain

Sub-surface technical assurance system

Integrating technical assurance systems across the E&P value chain

Key Benefits

  • Improved accessibility of content and project status.
  • Simplified storage and access to multiple SharePoint sites using rule based content routing.
  • Simplified integration with other applications.

Project Outline

The client is an international independent exploration company operating in twenty-seven countries and committed to efficient and effective exploration and production of oil and gas. As part of their ongoing assurance process, a system was required that facilitated technical reviews of opportunities and assets — from regional plays and exploration wells, all the way through to developed assets. This technical assurance involved multiple teams across the world.

Technical Assurance

Flare’s Approach

Flare worked with the client, adopting an agile approach to the solution. On-site workshops were held to define high-level requirements, which then formed the basis of deliverables for the pilot system. The pilot system underwent a number of iterations, where users got to see and use the system, rather than read complex specification documents.

The system used Flare’s Sirus platform to allow the client to create a bespoke application, which delivered dashboards, metrics and data that integrated seamlessly with their own systems such as SharePoint and ESRI’s ArcGIS platform, automatically publishing content with enriched by detailed E&P specific metadata.


The solution delivers role-based dashboards to specific user communities, as well as providing the ability to look over the entire portfolio to assess risks, rank opportunities and develop sub-surface management plans.

Intelligent search makes it much easier to find documents and opportunities, as well as visualise lifecycles and reviews. Publishing of documents is handled by dragging and dropping files, which results in automatic security, descriptive metadata and routing of the content to take place.

The cost of development of the system has been greatly reduced, as it was built on Sirus. The agile approach also benefited the client who has been able to shape the requirements of the system without misunderstandings inherent in detailed specifications.

Plans exist to develop the suite to allow the client to assess the success levels of different opportunities, by including externally sourced information.

The client is able to leverage the underlying modules (intelligent search, drag and drop publishing, automatic classification, metrics and dashboards) in many other areas of the business, allowing for rapid deployment of future, fully integrated information managements solutions.


ArcGIS is a trademark, service mark, or registered trademark or service mark of Esri in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions.

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