Extracting Intelligence from Information

Flare’s Sirus suite enhances content with metadata tags from taxonomies to support all aspects of Intelligent Information Management, and provides a metadata-based graph for precise and performant searching.

Metadata & Taxonomies

Datasets Mergers

Find out how one client leveraged an industry taxonomy database, coupled with automatic classification to save several million Euros during a major acquisition here.

taxonomies to improve the classification of business projects

One client used Flare’s taxonomies to improve the classification of business projects to populate a metadata index delivering improved search, enhanced analytics and role-based security and functionality.  Find out more here

Autotag Search

Another client solved automatic classification, by combining Flare’s industry taxonomies and their own filing structures to create a robust knowledge-based tagging capability.  Find out more here.

Streamline Document Management

A joint venture also leveraged the power of a metadata index to integrate the Flare-delivered in-house EDMS, with multiple external repositories, including other digital stores, and warehouses of hardcopy and physical items. Find out more here.


Global Common Metadata

Flare’s Sirus toolkit is used by many clients to solve their search problems, delivering accurate, complete and trusted search results.  One client, active in more than 38 countries, used Sirus to provide search (and migration) to their entire group. Case study here.

EP Archive Library Thumb

One client used Sirus to manage their hardcopy libraries here.

Products and Services

From TaaS (Taxonomies as a Service) to Search, Flare simplifies extracting intelligence from information using a combination of  industry taxonomies, client knowledge and machining learning algorithms to classify, sort and augment information.

Flare Sirus

For an overview of Sirus, click here.

Flare Taxonomies Logo

For more on Flare’s taxonomies, click here.

digital clean up

For more on Flare’s clean-up and tagging services, click here.

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