Digitalizing Information-Intensive Processes

Flare’s Sirus combines customizable business tracking with intelligent metadata capture to support your digitalization journey.

In sophisticated and complex environments, Flare’s clients need to deploy and comply with internal best practice and meet complex government regulatory requirements.

Business Analysis

IM improvement programs

Find out how one client re-shaped their IM improvement programs with high level business analysis and consulting support from Flare here.

Business Process Management

Automate Regulatory Reporting

Find out how one client’s complex organisation needed an easy way to meet regulatory production reporting requirements here.

Find out how a multinational company brought a critical technical process to life, making it easy to follow in all 38 countries of operation, using Flare’s holistic toolkit here.

Drilling Management System

One client needed to align their internal technical best practice over multiple operations, whilst ensuring each operation also adhered to local regulatory reporting requirements.  Find out how that was achieved here.

Product & Services

Tracker Logo

Flare’s Tracker tool takes your documented business processes and brings them to life with intuitive and functional graphical interfaces. It automatically classifies and links to your key documents, assigns responsibilities and uses dashboards to monitor progress. Find out more here.

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