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Flare Wellfile

Flare’s Wellfile has been developed to provide E&P professionals with an effective common access mechanism for publishing, managing and retrieving well-related documents, data and knowledge. The module provides:

  • Access to data and information irrespective of source content location,
  • Graphical displays (e.g. Tree-maps) for information overview
  • Multi-well metrics for assuring completeness
  • A flexible storage and retrieval mechanism for well related information,
  • Coverage for multiple disciplines, e.g. well engineering, geology, petrophysics, operations,
  • Ability to prescribe and track required content, as well as personalise the structure to meet team and individual needs,
  • Unique search capabilities to pinpoint information when required

Key Features

  • Single Point of Access – providing a single consistent interface to all key wellfile information regardless of the underlying source – Links with existing systems such as EDMSs, well databases, library tools, hardcopy files and physical stores (e.g. core samples)
  • Intuitive Interface – allows users to make plain-language searches to find specific items or apply saved-searches to view individual and discipline-specific ‘virtual well files’, coupled with innovative and informative visualisations.
  • Enhanced Publishing – facilitates the publishing of wellfile information items together with the essential metadata needed to ensure they can be correctly identified and easily retrieved. Supports automated publishing from Wellfile
  • Contextual Searching – helps people to find relevant well information using a ‘knowledgeable peer’


  • Delivers a step-change in efficiency by reducing time spent searching for wellfile information
  • Promotes information completeness by showing what information is available, what is missing and what was not created
  • Allows Personalised browsing and searching for information across multiple systems through a single interface
  • Improves cross-team, departmental and geographical sharing of well information
  • Makes it easy to create custom individual and shared views (virtual wellfiles)
  • Allows users to add key remarks about information or processes to capture usage, quality or rationale, and add to the ‘story’ about the information


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